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In fulfilling our mission of, “innovating mental health treatment through media and technology”, the Young Adult and Family Center (YAFC) at UCSF has created a series of free, interactive, online courses developed and taught by faculty members. Our courses are free, delivered online and available to anyone around the world.

next mission

Next Mission :

Over two million Americans veterans of the wars in Irag and Afghanistan are now home.They return to their families, the work force, and their communities with core values of honor, courage, duty , leadership, loyalty and teamwork. Upon leaving the military, our veterans' "next mission" is to reflect on their experiences and draw upon their numerous strengths as they reintegrate into civilian life. Nex Mission is designed to acccelerate this transition and is built on the belief that veterans will enrich the contribute meaningfully in their personal lives, their careers, and as members of society.

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women warriors

Women Warriors :

A course in Post-Traumatic Growth is an exploration of the narrative process and neurophysiology of the military experience.We will use both to help contextualize your own journey and the journeys of others into, though, and out of the military.Our couse will draw from many types of historical and contemporary media to inform the narrative process.Explores the unique challanges and opportunities women in the military face and the impacts those experiences have on their bodies and brains.This course empowers students to develop a growth mindset so they can build strong lives for themselves and those they love.

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4th r

4th R :

In academic life, reading, writing, and arithmetic are emphasized, but the importance of Resiliency, or the "4th R" alludes our educational system. Our course aims to give an overall sense of what resiliency is and why it is important for young adults. Through our course, students will be able to build resiliency to help them navigate challanges in life , big and small, which may be helpful for young adults dealing with depression, anxiety , relationships problems, trauma or just everyday stress.

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