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Sadness 101 diagram

Sadness 101

Learn how to process sadness.

Body Scan diagram

Body Scan

Come down from the ladder.

Rational vs. Irrational Beliefs diagram

Rational vs. Irrational Beliefs

Seek the truth.

Beginner's Mind diagram

Beginner's Mind

Open yourself to a world of possibilities

Behavioral Activation diagram

Behavioral Activation

Get up and get at it.

Better Than Brain Surgery  diagram

Better Than Brain Surgery

Let your thoughts become pillowed clouds.

A Breath of Fresh Air diagram

A Breath of Fresh Air

Nurture in nature.

Journaling: Writing to Heal diagram

Journaling: Writing to Heal

Finding the Words for your experience

To Love and to Leave diagram

To Love and to Leave

Knowing when to say goodbye.

Dare to Run (or Walk) Bare diagram

Dare to Run (or Walk) Bare

Feel the earth run under your feet.

Breathe Like a Hippo  diagram

Breathe Like a Hippo

Breathe into life.

Emotional Rescue diagram

Emotional Rescue

Get the facts, and just the facts.

Get Present in the Moment  diagram

Get Present in the Moment

Find yourself right here, right now.

Opposite Action diagram

Opposite Action

E-motions trigger Actions!

Go Your Own Way diagram

Go Your Own Way

Practice maintaining your individuality in groups.

Love Note diagram

Love Note

Take the time to appreciate yourself

Face Off Fear diagram

Face Off Fear

Take Control of your Fear Response

Get Moving diagram

Get Moving

Exercise is a powerful practice in maintaining your physical and mental health.

Asserting Yourself diagram

Asserting Yourself

Getting what you need the right way.

Resolving Conflict  diagram

Resolving Conflict

Fight fairly with those we care about.

Mindful Eating diagram

Mindful Eating

Develop mindfulness during everyday activities like eating!

Sending Love Outward diagram

Sending Love Outward

Spread your gratitude.

Mindfulness Shower diagram

Mindfulness Shower

Showering is something we all do... but usually mindlessly!

Be Your Own Coach diagram

Be Your Own Coach

Embracing Self-Affirmations to Counter Negative Thoughts

Letter To Myself  diagram

Letter To Myself

Can you remember the last time you took time out of your day to appreciate yourself? Few of us can.

 Thinking Traps diagram

Thinking Traps

Common Mistakes of Thinking

Tip of the Iceberg diagram

Tip of the Iceberg

Finding your hidden emotions

Observe the Room diagram

Observe the Room

Get present and learn about mindfulness.

Wise Mind diagram

Wise Mind

Find your wise mind by walking the middle path.

The ABC’s of Escaping from Thinking Traps diagram

The ABC’s of Escaping from Thinking Traps

An “Escape Room” for cognitive distortions.

Five column thought record diagram

Five column thought record

Reframing stinkin' thinkin'

Grounding diagram


Getting Your Emotional Feet Under You

How To Find a Therapist diagram

How To Find a Therapist

Finding help.

Sticking it to Sticky Thoughts  diagram

Sticking it to Sticky Thoughts

Say goodbye to those obsessive thoughts.

Putting on a Happy Face  diagram

Putting on a Happy Face

The best medicine… a smile.

Suicide Prevention diagram

Suicide Prevention

What to watch for in yourself and those around you

Laughing at Yourself diagram

Laughing at Yourself

The value of embracing humor, laughter and the inevitable silliness of humans

Embrace Your Inner Superhero diagram

Embrace Your Inner Superhero

The Power of the Power Pose

Guilt and Shame 101 diagram

Guilt and Shame 101

Learning about feeling guilty and feeling shame

From Impossible to Just Difficult diagram

From Impossible to Just Difficult

Adopting a growth rather than fixed mindset

Beating Boredom  diagram

Beating Boredom

Digging Yourself Out of the Doldrums

Cyberbullying diagram


The virtual face of bullying

Duck Syndrome diagram

Duck Syndrome

Not everyone is smooth sailing

To Fight or Flight diagram

To Fight or Flight

Five for fighting and flighting

Questioning your way to a relationship diagram

Questioning your way to a relationship

Ask the right questions, get a relationship as an answer

The Risks of Relationships diagram

The Risks of Relationships

How to stay healthy and be smart in relationships (Recognizing relationship red flags)

Dealing with Bullies 101 diagram

Dealing with Bullies 101

How to effectively deal with bullies

Battling Loneliness diagram

Battling Loneliness

Upward, onward and inward

CBT for Low Mood 101 diagram

CBT for Low Mood 101

Coping through a low or depressive episode