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Surprise 101  diagram

Surprise 101

Learn the power of surprise.

Body Scan diagram

Body Scan

Come down from the ladder.

Rational vs. Irrational Beliefs diagram

Rational vs. Irrational Beliefs

Seek the truth.

Beginner's Mind diagram

Beginner's Mind

Open yourself to a world of possibilities

Better Than Brain Surgery  diagram

Better Than Brain Surgery

Let your thoughts become pillowed clouds.

Journaling: Writing to Heal diagram

Journaling: Writing to Heal

Finding the Words for your experience

Getting to Know You diagram

Getting to Know You

Discover another.

Get Present in the Moment  diagram

Get Present in the Moment

Find yourself right here, right now.

Opposite Action diagram

Opposite Action

E-motions trigger Actions!

Go Your Own Way diagram

Go Your Own Way

Practice maintaining your individuality in groups.

Love Note diagram

Love Note

Take the time to appreciate yourself

Face Off Fear diagram

Face Off Fear

Take Control of your Fear Response

Mindful Eating diagram

Mindful Eating

Develop mindfulness during everyday activities like eating!

Sending Love Outward diagram

Sending Love Outward

Spread your gratitude.

Journaling  diagram


Make sense of the chaos involved in our thoughts and memories.

 Thinking Traps diagram

Thinking Traps

Common Mistakes of Thinking

Observe the Room diagram

Observe the Room

Get present and learn about mindfulness.

Wise Mind diagram

Wise Mind

Find your wise mind by walking the middle path.

How To Find a Therapist diagram

How To Find a Therapist

Finding help.

From Impossible to Just Difficult diagram

From Impossible to Just Difficult

Adopting a growth rather than fixed mindset

Just One Scary Step Away  diagram

Just One Scary Step Away

Nothing ventured, nothing gained when in your comfort zone you remain.

Dealing with Uncertainty diagram

Dealing with Uncertainty

What to do with life’s unsettling uncertainties

Creativity diagram


Let it flow

Love of Learning diagram

Love of Learning

Rapture of the deep

To Fight or Flight diagram

To Fight or Flight

Five for fighting and flighting

Awe-some Life  diagram

Awe-some Life

The healing power of awe walks

Getting Dumped diagram

Getting Dumped

Let the old times go.