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Happiness 101

When your body gets filled with the emotion of happiness, you can feel the warmth all over. You have boundless energy, and your heart rate increases. 


Happiness is arguably the most sought after emotion — nearly everyone is trying to attain it.


Happiness evolved in humans to keep us motivated to continue pursuing our goals that are in line with our core values.


Happiness is like our environment’s weather and climate. Weather constantly changes,  whereas the climate is consistent over a long period of time. Like weather, some days are rainy and others sunny.  But like climate, we can have general happiness in our life long term by being socially connected, living according to our values, and having spirituality. In that way, we can still be happy even though we’re not smiling.


So what makes us happy? Happiness is surprisingly found in several intangible things. Happiness is connected to having strong social connections, living according to one’s values, and having a strong sense of spirituality. In contrast,  money, fame, and perfectionism are not connected to happiness.


Sometimes it’s difficult to know what makes us happy.  So, an exercise can be to write every day on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being horrible and 10 being excellent) how your day was.  Then, after a period of time to look back and see what you did during those days and what happened to make them good - for example, look at all the days that were a 7 or higher.  It might help you find what makes you happy.



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